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Our Certificates

Our Certificates Guaranteeing Quality

As Biyelli, we have brand registration certificates and certificates to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of reliability and quality. These certificates certify that our products are meticulously controlled at every stage from raw materials to production processes and are presented to consumers with confidence. The satisfaction and trust of our customers is our top priority and these certificates support this commitment.

Customer Satisfaction
Positive Opinion
Innovative Designs
Sustainable Production
Years of Experience
Who We Are

We are the leader in textile accessories.We are the symbol of expertise, innovation and trust!

We have been a leader in the production of textile accessories and bevel piping since 1984. Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction are always our priorities. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products by combining our design talent and experience in the industry with constantly developing technology. We are here to produce solutions that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

Uses of Biene

Home Textile and its Role in Ready-to-Wear

The usage areas of biene are quite wide. While it is frequently used in products such as pillows, quilts, curtains and duvet covers in home textiles, it is also used in many products such as pants, shirts, jackets and dresses in ready-to-wear clothing. In the home textile and ready-to-wear sector, bias is of great importance in the models designed with R&D studies. Bias, which adds value to the products, is also an accessory.

açık verev biye
Unfolded Bias Tapes

They are strips that are cut diagonally from plain woven fabrics, have an enclosure inside, and stretch horizontally and longitudinally.

Fitilli Biye
Piping Bias Tapes

It is the stitched version of the diagonal cut strip with a yarn inside.

katlı biye
Folded Bias Tapes

It is a unfolded bias cut in different sizes.

orgu biye
Weaving Piping Bias Tapes/Passpoils

They are tape made by weaving and knitting method in the machine for the horizontally and longitudinally stretching of the piping.

Quality Woven with Fine Touches

Combination of Creativity and Professionalism

Our Professional Team

With a combination of creativity and professionalism, the Biyelli team strives to offer the best service to our customers.

Pearl of Quality and Trust

Biyelli stands out as the symbol of quality and trust in textile accessories.

Traces of Creativity

You can see Biyelli's creative touches in every product and enjoy the originality.

Customer Oriented Service

Biyelli offers customized solutions by prioritizing the needs of its customers.

Expertise and Experience

Biyelli continues to be a reliable choice with its expertise and experience in the sector.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Biyelli acts responsibly with an environmentally friendly production approach.

Innovation and Development

Biyelli pioneers developments in the sector by continuously offering innovative solutions.

Adding Value to the
Environment and Society Our Mission

We use environmentally friendly materials in our production processes and continuously innovate to increase energy efficiency. We also contribute to society in the fields of education, health and environment through social responsibility projects. At Biyelli, we are committed to working for a sustainable future and we support this mission with our products and practices.

Our Products

What Do Our Customers Say?

We are pleased to share with you the thoughts of our customers about our company’s products. Here are the sincere comments of our customers using Biyelli products…

Biyelli's products are a brand I use frequently in my decoration projects. Especially the piping on curtains and pillowcases complement the designs and I always receive positive feedback from my customers.

Emre A.
The quality of the bias used in Biyelli's products is really high. As someone working in the textile industry, I always prefer Biyelli's products because they never compromise on quality.

Nilgün K.
Textile Engineer
Biyelli's customer service is really great. When I contacted them to solve a problem I had with a product, they helped me quickly and efficiently. It is really hard to find such a caring and customer-oriented company, thank you Biyelli!
Zeynep A.
Business Owner
Biyelli's designs are very stylish and original. The piping on the dresses I purchased both completes the look and maintains its durability for a long time. Thank you Biyelli!

Mert Y.
Fashion Designer

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