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We are the leader in textile accessories.
We are the symbol of expertise, innovation and trust!

Our company started production in 1984 with ribbon and label manufacturing. In 1987, it realized the first ultrasonic accessories production in Turkey and became a pioneer company in textile accessories and bevel piping.

With the awareness of being a brand in the apparel and home textile sector, it always continues to produce new products and models with R&D studies. We continue our design-oriented service to our customers by creating our accessory design department in our factory for the children and baby wear sector.

Years of Experience

Our company, which has gained a solid place in the textile sector with its innovative thinking, has become a well-known brand today by combining accessories and piping production. Our company has adopted the principle of trust, quality service and customer satisfaction that we offer to our customers with our brand. The Biyelli brand has taken its place in the international market by increasing the number of countries we export to every day with the success of being offered for sale in the stores of our dealers in Turkey and the success that follows.

Sectors Where Bias Tapes Are Used


Bias tapes is a strip of flat woven cotton and polyester fabrics folded in half and cut at a 45 degree angle. It is the process of adding the width of the fabric to the length. In other words, bias tape means enclosure and oblique. After the fabric is cut on bias, the weft and warp threads must be parallel to each other. Not all fabrics are suitable for bias cut. While the fabric is cut on bias 45 degree angle, While the fabric is cut at a 45 degree angle, the angle changes according to the weight, type, hardness and softness of the fabric. While producing, a report should be obtained according to these features.

Unfolded Bias Tapes

They are strips that are cut diagonally from plain woven fabrics, have an enclosure inside, and stretch horizontally and longitudinally.

Piping Bias Tapes

It is the stitched version of the diagonal cut strip with a yarn inside.

Folded Bias Tapes

It is the folded version of the open and diagonally cut tapes in different sizes by passing through the kit

Weaving Piping Bias Tapes/Passpoils

They are tape made by weaving and knitting method in the machine for the horizontally and longitudinally stretching of the piping.

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