What is Biye?

When you hear the term “biye,” you might wonder, “What is biye?” Biye is a thin strip of fabric or lace sewn along the edges of garments, typically used for decorative purposes. These details enhance the elegance and sophistication of clothing, holding a significant place in the world of design.

Types of Biye

Biye comes in various types, differing in materials used, width, pattern, and embroidery techniques. Classic biyes are often made from silk, cotton, or satin, while modern designs frequently incorporate materials like lace, tulle, or organza.

Applications of Biye

Biye not only adorns garment edges but also finds its way into home textiles, accessories, and even furniture. Particularly in wedding dresses, evening gowns, and bespoke attire, biye details elevate the design’s aesthetic and elegance.

Design and Production of Biye

Designing biye is a meticulous and creative process. Factors such as pattern selection, color coordination, biye width, and embroidery techniques are crucial for a successful design. Following the design phase, biye production requires meticulous craftsmanship, often involving handiwork.

Biye Fashion and Trends

In the fashion world, biye trends are ever-evolving. Each season brings forth different materials, patterns, and colors. Therefore, biye designers and manufacturers must closely monitor industry developments and offer suitable options to customers.

How to Use Biye?

If you wish to add biye to your garments, you can do so during the sewing process or afterward. Before stitching, it’s essential to choose a biye that complements your garment’s color and style. You can secure the biye with needle and thread or opt for adhesive biye tapes.

Biye Prices and Purchasing

Biye prices vary depending on the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design. Ready-made biye tapes are usually sold by the meter, with prices determined accordingly. Custom-designed biyes, on the other hand, often command higher prices and are made to order.


In summary, biye is an essential embellishment for garments and other textile products. For those seeking an elegant, sophisticated look, biye details are paramount. Companies and designers specializing in biye design and production offer a wide range of services to meet customer expectations.


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